Gailey Reunion Photos

There have been several formal Gailey reunions held over the years. The earliest reunion was in about 1918. There were a couple of gatherings in the mid to early 1950s as well. You will find photos of those early reunions throughout this website. For now, this page is dedicated to the reunions since the early 1980's. There was a small gathering in 1980 out on the old Gailey farm. During the years of 1982-1984 Gailey reunions were held in Ranger, Texas with large turnout. In the last several years there has a been a Jones/Gailey reunion held in Stephenville, Texas.

Click Here to See Photos from the 1982 Gailey Reunion

1980's Gailey Reunion Video Clips

1980 Gailey Gathering - Old Gailey Place

In this photo: J.R. Hunt, Ernest Jackson, Joyce Falls Speed, Elmer Gailey, Celeston Jackson

In this photo: Tina Gailey, Shanon Hunt, Lucille Jackson, Chrystal Jackson Falls, Dovie Gailey Hunt, Judy Hunt

2008 Jones/Gailey Reunion - Stephenville, Texas

Partial Group of JW Gailey Grandchildren - Left to Right Sitting: Bob Gailey (son of Nicholas), Chrystal Falls (daughter of Nora), Beverly (daughter of Nicholas), Kenneth Jones (son of Pernia), Geraldine Norwood (daughter of Pernia), Dovie Hunt (daughter of Luther). Standing: Byron Gailey (son of Nicholas) and Lloyd Jones (son of Pernia).

2009 Jones/Gailey Reunion - Stephenville, Texas

First Cousins and an Aunt- Standing Left to Right: Lloyd Jones, Byron Gailey Seated: Don Gailey, Geraldine "Jerry" Gailey (wife of Asa Lee Gailey), Geraldine Jones Norwood, Kenneth Jones, and Beverly Gailey Eddleman

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