Mary Jane (Gailey) Eubank

Mary Jane Gailey was the fourth child of JW and Mary Gailey. She was named after both of her grandmothers (Permelia Jane Gailey and Mary Bigham). Mary Jane married Perry Eubank. They had two children together: Loys Eubank and Lucille Eubank (Haden). Mary Jane raised her youngest sister Eva Eula after their mother died in 1904. Eva Eula died after giving birth to her second child (Eva Louise) and Mary Jane took Eva Louise in and raised her.

Mary Jane "Gailey" Eubank at Thurber, Texas
(Photo provided by Eva Louise "Fry" Stork)

Mary Jane "Gailey" Eubank at Tuder Church

Mary Jane "Gailey" Eubank 1903

Perry Eubank ca 1900 (Husband of Mary Jane)

Mary Jane and Perry Eubank - Thurber, Texas
(Photo provided by Eva Louise "Fry" Stork)

Mary Jane Gailey standing with a sister or cousin
(Photo provided by Eva Louise "Fry" Stork)

Left to right (Standing): Mary Jane and Perry Eubank, unknown woman, and Bert Monroe Fry. The children sittin Left to right are MC Fry and Eva Louise being held. The other three children are unknown although one of them may be Lucille Eubank.

Mary Jane "Gailey" Eubank 1940's
(Photo provided by Eva Louise "Fry" Stork)

Loys Eubank - Son of Mary and Perry Eubank.

Lucille and Top Haden

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