Letha Mae (Gailey) Ivey

Letha Mae Ivey married Robert "Bob" Ivey. The Iveys had the farm next to the Gaileys south of Thurber. Bob's father J.W. Ivey was a business partner of J.W. Gailey. Letha and Bob had four children: Carroll, Fredia, Wanda, and Angia Ruth. Bob Ivey moved his family to Calexico, California and soon after to Fabens, Texas. At Fabens he became a local leader in the cotton industry. Letha passed away in March of 1977.

Bob Ivey and Letha Gailey Ivey at Tudor Church around 1910

Letha Gailey Ivey - 1930's or 1940's

Bob and Letha Ivey at Ivey Reunion

Letha and Bob Ivey

Pernia Gailey Jones and sister Letha Gailey Ivey

Octie Guest Gailey, Pernia Gailey Jones, Letha Gailey Ivey, and Dovie Gailey Hunt

Carroll Ivey - Son of Letha and Bob Ivey (MC and Edna Fry Photo)

Bob and Letha Ivey Family - Feb 9, 1964 (Eva Louise Stork Photo)

Bob and Letha Ivey Family - Feb 9, 1964 (Eva Louise Stork Photo)
Back Row Left to Right: Donald Lewis Benton, Debra Jean Ivey, Jerry Wayne Ivey, Carol Sue Ivey, Robert William Ivey, and Charlotte Ruth Moore
Front Row: Letha "Sally" Rae Moore, Robert Carroll Ivey, Cathy Sue Ivey, Sherri Lynn Ivey, and Letha Gailey Ivey

Bob and Letha Ivey Family - December 25, 1947 in Juarez, Mexico (Eva Louise Stork Photo)
Back Row Left to Right: Bub, Wanda Ivey, Angia Ruth Ivey, Fredia Ivey, Lewis Benton
Front Row: Mr & Mrs O.D. Johnson, Letha Gailey Ivey, Robert C. Ivey, Eva Louise Fry, and Lenox Moore

Sisters: Nora, Cordie, Letha, and Pernia

Letha, Nora, Cordie, and Pernia - 1955

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