JW Gailey's Siblings

J.W. Gailey had two full blood siblings and three half siblings. Jane Jemima Gailey and Asa Nelson Gailey were his full blood siblings. Lola Maude Gailey, and Lester Ellsworth Gailey were his half siblings from his father's second marriage to Mary Murray in Chicago. Starrett Annie Smith was his half sister from his mother's second marriange to S.D. Smith in Bell County.
Jane Jemima Gailey and Asa Nelson Gailey
Photo Taken Around 1867 in Bell County
These are J.W.'s two full blood siblings.
Photo Courtesy of the MC and Edna Fry family.

Jane Jemima Gailey was the first born child of Permelia Jane (Tudor) Gailey and Asa Lomax Gailey. She was born in 1858 in Bell County Texas. She married Samuel "Doke" Harding and settled in northern Erath County, Texas near the communites of Sims Valley and Exray.

Asa Nelson Gailey was the third and final child of Permelia and Asa Lomax. He was named after his father and the namesake of Asa Lomax's Civil War Regiment (Nelson's). It is unclear whether Asa Lomax ever saw Asa Nelson as he left for war around the time of his birth. Asa Nelson married Laura Bigham who was the sister of Mary Bigham that married JW. His family first lived near JW in Eastland County and later moved to Tom Green County near the town of Christoval. His children were Felix, Asa, Lark, Walter, and Luther Lewis.

Jane Jemima (Gailey) Harding

Margaret "Harding" Hood Family - Margaret (far right in the photo) was a daughter of Jane Jemima Gailey (JW's Sister) and Samuel Doke Harding and was born on January 2, 1878. Pictured above are (from left to right) Martin Hood, John, Fowler, Minnie, Margaret holding Pearl. The photo was taken around 1903.

Asa Nelson Gailey

L-R: Asa Nelson Gailey (Brother of JW - holding Walter), Asa, Laura Alice Bigham Gailey, Luther Lewis Gailey. -- Eva (Fry) Stork Photo

L-R: Laura Alice (Bigham) Gailey, Luther Lewis Gailey, Mary Elizabeth Bigham (holding Walter), Asa Robert Gailey, and Asa Nelson Gailey.

Asa Nelson Gailey's Grave at Christoval Cemetery.

Starrett Annie (Smith) Lee

Cordie Gailey Lee and Starrett Annie (Smith) Lee
(MC and Edna Fry Photo)

Starrett Annie Smith was the daughter of Permelia Jane and her second husband Samuel D. Smith. She was born in 1870 in Bell County, Texas and eventually went by her middle name. She married John Abel Lee whose parents had died in an Indian raid years before. John and Annie had several children together including Dee Lee, who would later marry Cordelia Gailey. John and Annie lived much of their life together in New Mexico, Arizona, and lastly Tulare County, California where they died. They are both buried at the Exeter Cemetery.

Lola Maude (Gailey) Chace

Lola was born to Asa Lomax Gailey and his second wife Mary Murray in Chicago, IL. She married George B. Chace and the two had one daughter, Alice Marie Chace.

Alice married James Smith Pardee and together they had three children: George, Willis, and Jean. Willis and George settled in Texas.

Lester Ellsworth Gailey

Lester was the second born child to Asa and Mary Murray Gailey in Chicago. He was married to Agnes Tegardine and they had one son, Arthur Lester Gailey. Arthur settled in Dallas, Texas where he died in July of 1964.

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