Asa Lee Gailey

Asa Lee Gailey was the second and last child born to JW Gailey and Leora Jones. He was JW's 11th and final child. Asa was named after his grandfather Gailey, Asa (Asahel) Lomax Gailey. See the website for a backstory on Asa Lomax Gailey. Asa Lee settled in Memphis, Texas and had three children. Asa Lee passed away in 2004. More photos coming soon!

Asa Lee Gailey in 1934

Asa Lee and JW Jr

Don, Asa (holding Dwight), and Diane

Jerry and Asa Lee in 1947

JW Gailey Jr. and brother Asa Lee Gailey - 1982 Gailey Reunion

Asa Lee Gailey, Bobby Gailey, and Dwight Gailey. ca 1995

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