John William Gailey Jr

John William Gailey Jr was born to J.W. Gailey and Leora Jones in 1915, a year after they were married. He was the first born to this union, and was about 10 years younger than his next Gailey sibling in age, Eva. He was born at the "new" Gailey homeplace in western Erath County, Texas. J.W. Jr was known as "Dub" to many in the family. He was married to Patricia Grattan and they had three sons, J.W. III, Patrick, and Michael. JW Jr settled in El Paso where he died on August 2, 1995.

JW Gailey Jr Family (prior to 1953) - Patrick, John II, Patricia, John III

Leora (Jones) (Gailey) Gilliam and son John Gailey Jr

Michael, JW Jr, and Patrick

John William Gailey Jr. in 1918

Asa Lee and JW Jr

First Cousins - Dovie Gailey (Hunt) and J.W. Gailey Jr

JW Gailey Jr. and brother Asa Lee Gailey - 1982 Gailey Reunion

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