J.W. Gailey Grandchildren - Group Photos

Some of the First JW Gailey Grandchildren (including one son): Left to Right: JW Gailey Jr, Celeston Jackson, Carol Ivey, Audie Gailey, Elmer Gailey, and Loys Eubank.


Parent - Name - Birth Year
Nora - Ernest (b: 1902)
Nora - Celeston (b: 1912)
Luther - Audie (b: 1913)
Mary - Loys (b: 1913)
Luther - Elmer (b: 1914)
Letha - Carroll (b: 1915)
Cordie - Zelma (b: 1915)
Letha - Fredia (b: 1916)
Nora - Chrystal (Living)
Mary - Lucille (b: 1917)
Luther - Dovie (b: 1919)
Letha - Wanda (b: 1919)
Pernia - Geraldine (Living)
Pernia - Maxine (b: 1921)
Pernia - JC (b: 1923)
Nicholas - Billy (b: 1924)
Letha - Angie Ruth (Living)
Eva - M.C. (Living)
Pernia - Kenneth (Living)
Nicholas - Betty (b: 1926)
Pernia - Bobby (b: 1929)
Nicholas - Barbara (b: 1929)
Eva - Eva Louise (Living)
Pernia - Lloyd (Living)
Nicholas - Bobby (Living)
Nicholas - Byron (Living)
Nicholas - Beverly (Living)
Nicholas - Benny (b: 1939)
JW Jr - JW III (b: 1940)
JW Jr - Patrick (b: 1941)
Asa Lee - Donald (Living)
Nicholas - Benita (b: 1944)
Asa Lee - Dwight (Living)
Asa Lee - Diane (Living)
JW Jr - Michael (Living)

JW Gailey Grandchildren and possibly a mix of a few friends in San Angelo, early 1920s.

Grandchildren of JW Gailey 1937, Left to Right Standing: Elmer Gailey and friend Perry, Dovie Gailey, J.W. "Dub" Gailey Jr, friend Walter H., Dorus and Geraldine Jones Norwood, and Forrest another friend. Sitting: Maxine Jones

1937 - Front to Back: Dovie Gailey, Dorus Norwood, Geraldine "Jones" Norwood, and Chrystal Jackson.

1937 - Left to Right: Maxine Jones, Chrystal Jackson, and Dovie Gailey.

1919 - JW Gailey Jr, Celeston Jackson, Carol Ivey, Audie Gailey, Elmer Gailey, and Loys Eubank.

Children of Nick Gailey: Beverly, Byron, Bobby, Barbara, Betty, Billy, and Benny.

Left to Right: Johnnie Harris, Elmer Gailey, Veda Townsend, Jack Blackwell, Dovie Gailey, and Ovella.

Elmer, Lucille, Dovie, and a couple of friends at Scenic Point (Ranger Hill Lookout)

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