1982 Gailey Reunion - Downtown Ranger, Texas

1: Sue Meek Jones, Jimmy Hunt, Shirley Daniels(in orange), Tina Gailey, Chrystal Jackson Falls, Luther Lewis Gailey, Geraldine Jones Norwood (in blue), J.C. Jones (maroon), Top Haden (bottom of photo)

2: Judy and Shelly Hunt

3: Bobby Gailey and Byron Gailey (Sons of Nick Gailey)

4: Lucille Eubank Haden with daughter Ada(in red)

5: Dwight Gailey, Elmer Gailey, Donald Gailey, Asa Lee (back to camera), Bobby Gailey

6: Chrystal Jackson Falls

7: Front row- David Speed - Elmer Gailey. In the mix - Kenneth Jones, Lucille Eubank Haden, George Falls, Eva Louise Fry Stork, Luther Lewis Gailey, Walter Stork (with beard)

8: Sitting - L. Waddington, Elmer Gailey, Joyce Falls Speed, Tina Gailey, Ian Gailey (in red), Shanon Hunt (in green). Standing - Geraldine Norwood, Sue Jones, Chrystal Falls, Ken Jones

9: Byron and Bob Gailey with Shirley Gailey Daniels

10: Chrystal Falls, Eva Louise, Ken Jones, April and Shirley Daniels, John Gailey

11: Walter Stork (with beard), Paula Haskins, Tommy Haskins, Eva Louise Fry in blue

12: John William Gailey Jr (in glasses), Jimmy Hunt (facing JW Jr)

13: George Falls (far left), Walter Stork (with beard), MC Fry (middle facing away), Michael Fry (far right)

14: Top Haden, Paula Haskins, J.C. Jones, Asa Lee Gailey, Barbara Gailey Waddington, Ernest Jackson, Dovie Gailey Hunt (facing away)

15: Paula Haskins, Tommy Haskins, Eva Louise and MC Fry

16: Standing- MC Fry, J.C. Jones, Mike Fry, Sitting in middle - Don and Dwight Gailey

17: George Falls (holding Phillip Speed), Jimmy Hunt, CH "Celeston" Jackson, Elmer Gailey, John Gailey

18: J.W. Gailey Jr, Lucille Haden, George Falls(holding Phillip Speed), April and Shirley Daniels, Chrystal Falls

19: Dwight, Asa Lee, Elmer, and Donald Gailey

20: Dwight Gailey, Judy Hunt, George and Phillip, Luther Lewis Gailey, Ken Jones

21: MC Fry and J.C. Jones

22: Asa Lee and Dovie Gailey Hunt (I wish we had copies of the photos being looked at in the background!!!)

23: Lucille Jackson (Ernest Jackson's wife)

24: Mrs Jackson (Celeston's wife), Dovie Gailey Hunt, Shanon Hunt, Cari Daniels, Shelly Hunt (bottom center)

25: Sitting in back of photo: MC Fry, JC Jones, Ada Eubank Cox, Lloyd Jones, Mike Fry... George Falls (standing close and far right)

26: Don Gailey, Top Haden, Shirley Daniels, Shanon Hunt (in green), Judy Hunt (in white), April Daniels, John Gailey (Standing on right in white)

27: L. Waddington, Elmer Gailey, Tina Gailey (holding Shanon Hunt), Joyce and David Speed, siblings Geraldine and Lloyd Jones standing in background

28: On right side of photo: MC Fry, JC Jones, Don Gailey

29: J.C. Jones, Ada Eubank Cox, Lloyd Jones

30: J.W. Gailey Jr and Asa Lee Gailey (Brothers)

31: Sue Jones, Luther Lewis Gailey, Geraldine Jones Norwood, George Falls, Dwight Gailey

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